Golden Gate Zero Emission Marine is a full-service provider of clean maritime transportation, including:

  • New zero emission vessels

  • Refits on existing vessels with packaged zero emission powertrains

  • Design and engineering of zero emission systems

  • Electrical charging and hydrogen fueling

  • Operation and maintenance

Zero emission vessels provide strong benefits to operators and consumers:

  • Clean

    • Future-proof compliance with all environmental regulations
    • Meets demands of today‚Äôs environmentally-conscious passengers
    • Immediate crew health benefits
    • Forever eliminate fuel spills
    • Reduced maintenance
  • Quiet

    • Passenger cruises and expeditions in unprecedented comfort
    • Protection of sea life
    • Strategic capabilities
    • High quality oceanographic research

Our zero emission electric vessels and powertrains use commercially-available advanced battery and hydrogen fuel cell systems.

  • The battery systems we use are lightweight and fast charging. We carefully select the battery type and size to give you the best performance and value. All systems are integrated from the manufacturer and accepted by marine safety authorities. We are happy to provide mobile and stationary charging systems as well. Battery-only propulsion systems are typically the best solution for situations where the vessel will be able to charge often.
  • Hydrogen fuel cells are perfect for situations that require longer endurance between recharge, for example allowing a single recharge per day rather than after every trip, or giving larger ocean-going vessels the range needed to reach another port. The fuel cells used are scaled-up versions of those used today in the most advanced electric cars, buses, and standalone power systems and are available from several manufacturers. Hydrogen is widely available in both liquid and gas form, and we select the best form to minimize your capital and operating costs. We also arrange mobile and fixed refueling services.

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